Rebeca Bashly

Rebeca Bashly

domingo, 24 de abril de 2016

Hello all,

We decided to continue the blog in wordpress

MetaLES  MetaVerse

Photo - Expo by LaN
September - October 2016


Bury your fears - bury your dreams by Selavy Oh
July - September 2016


           Anniversary MetaLES ..O.. Retrospective Photographique by Annita Witt & Ux Hax
                                      Mayo -                    


Rebeca Bashly

Queen's Gambit Declined

Exhibit April 8 to June 8 - 2016

Landmark MetaLES

jueves, 4 de febrero de 2016

Nuevo numero de la revista WINDLIGHT MAGAZINE

Febrero 2016 Volumen 2 Issue 2

This Month

The Living Room
Cica Ghost
Haute Couture

By Johannes1977 “John” Resident, Founder, Publisher & Editor In Chief

 Eleseren Brianna, The Edge Editor in Chief & Windlight  Fashion Editor

Inara Pey, Featured Contributor.

Kara Trapdoor, Featured Contributor

Jessii2009 Warrhol, Press, Marketing, & Social Media Coordinator

Vee Tammas, Featured Contributor

SaoirseHeart, Windlight Art Critic & Online Contributor

Ilyra Chardin, Featured Contributor.

Dawnbeam Dreamscape, Roleplay Contributor

Gem Sunkiller, Contributor Support Coordinator for The Edge. 

Thanks team for this great job!

sábado, 19 de diciembre de 2015

Scene IV - The Death

"The future dawns, the loneliness will be difficult for us"



Sim Windlight  is recommended

Opening 18-12.2015
2:00 PM SLT

+ DJ Morlita Quan


Scenes I - II- III- IV

Scenes was based in a contemporary theatrical point of view.

In spite of the absence of words, it was used the symbolism of Tarot cards as a language, insomuch as each of them it represents according the position the events,

like a base code to decipher the emotion, action or the scene event itself.


The person connoisseur of Tarot cards, or the person that have sought for the sense of the characters or objects that appear in each scene,

will have a conclusion of the history that we wanted depict.

The person unfamiliar with Tarot cards, and its symbolism, could imagine events based in visualization ,

and so, all will depends, as we allready said, in the individaul perception.


The secuence of the scenes its also a riddle.

Perhaps as observer, you wanted to read the history in this text, but the history it's allrready related.


Just one thing, remember, in all the scenes, she always was...alone...


Scene I - The time

1 Nov- 14 Nov

 "I do not look, do not find you, that we would have mattered while ago..."

 Scene II- Decisions

 14 Nov - 28 Nov

"The crow pointed  the way, but the fortune get me away.."

 Scene III- The fear

 28 Nov. to 17 Dec.

 " The exeption, that does not negate the rule,  but  it do subtract herself"


Scene IV - The Death

"The future dawns, the loneliness will be difficult for us"

Historys and amazing post

sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2015

Escena III - El Miedo
                    The Fear

 "La excepción, que no niega la regla, sino que se sustrae a ella."

Escena II- Decisiones

 14 Nov - 28 Nov

 "El Cuervo me señalo el camino, pero la suerte me separo de el..."

Scene II- Decisions

 14 Nov - 28 Nov

 "The crow pointed  the way, but the fortune get me away.."

domingo, 1 de noviembre de 2015


Por Ux Hax y Romy Nayar

Una exposicion Dividida en 4 Escenas Cada escena con Una duracion de dos Semanas

Seguir Poder para la Historia debera Visitar Cada Una De Las Escenas

Teniendo en Cuenta Que es Una historia Que empieza por el último o no ...

Todo dependera segun individuo Percepcion la.

Historia de genero Fantastica,

En escala macro dimensión.

Se Recomienda la luz del Sim.

Activar sonidos

Escena 1 - El Tiempo

 "No me veo, No te encuentro, Que poco nos Hubiera Importado Hace Tiempo ..."

􀀁http: //

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------


By Ux Hax y Romy Nayar

An exhibition divided into four scenes each scene with a duration of two weeks

To continue the history should visit each of the scenes

Considering it's a story that begins with the end or not ...

All it depends according to individual perception.

Fantastic story genre,

In large scale.

Sim Windlight  is recommended

Enable sounds

Scene 1 - The time

 "I do not look, do not find you, that we would have mattered while ago..."

jueves, 20 de agosto de 2015


...A Bit Of Red... 
 Kicca Igaly & Nessuno Myoo
Tribute to "The Phamtom Of the Opera"

Opening August 21 to October 21
2:00 PM SLT

"A heart and a rose.... the perfect elements, 
through which it begin a journey 
that leads to the vision of some fragments 
in a story of passion and pain..." 

sábado, 27 de junio de 2015


          MetaLES ..O..  Anniversary

Dear Friends
I want to thank on behalf MetaLES to all fabulous artists who 
have exhibited their art in Full Sim, MetaLES Per4mance 
..O.. thanks to them is what it is!

Thanks to those who participated in Distrito Distinto (Different
District)  6 Aniversary

Bryn Oh, Romy Nayar, Maya Paris, Rebeca Bashly, Cica 

Ghost, Eupalinos Ugajin, Giovanna Cerise, Betty Tureaud, 

JadeYu Fhang and Alpha Auer.

We also thank all the bloggers who day to day with their
generous post make a place to acquire more life, and remain forever in the memory.

To the memory comes... Honour Mcmillan, Ziki Questi, Echt Virtuell, Apmel, Kara's Korner, Tizzy Canucci, Inara Pey, Caitlintobias, windlight magazine and I hope that despite not name everyone else you perceive the hint .. Thanks

Hypatia Pickens, Spiral Silverstar, Erythro Asimov, NicoleX Moonwall, Fuschia Nightfire (full sim too),CCC, can not name them all but thanks


Annita Witt, Pallina60, Tim Dechanel, Vivena Resident, Taliferrue, LinDa Littlebird,Torley Linden and many more who also thank

Dj Morlita Quan Thanks! the mixing music art

and of course a big thank you to the public, metaverses travelers!

             ***Different District *** 

Opening June 26   2:00 PM SLT 
to August 13

This time we have 10 great artists who have created a room inspired by a song, the concept of Different District is a traveling artistic festival of music-image and wit

We are pleased to present:

Bryn Oh -             "keep the streets empty for me" by fever ray"
Cica Ghost -         "Lullaby by The Cure"
Maya Paris  -         X-Ray Spex, "Oh Bondage! Up Yours!"
Giovanna Cerise-  Innuendo by Queen
Betty Tureaud  -   " Rolling Stones - She's a rainbow "
Rebeca Bashly -   "Chop Suey" by System of a Down"
Eupalinos Ugajin- "Estudio, Trabajo Y Fusil! Rockingchair"
JadeYu Fhang   -   "Massive Attack   What Your Soul Sings"
Alpha Auer  -        " Alpha Auer - Grid Factory  "
Romy Nayar -       "Mylène Farmer Nuit d'hiver (Chloé)"


1- Use windlight the region, since it is an important part in the work of artists with regard to lighting.
2- Activate sounds, because the music is not Stream

Take one of the entrance tickets, to provide you with a free teleport Hud, that will take you to the different rooms.

sábado, 14 de marzo de 2015

Sparkys by Romy Nayar


13 March to 30 May

Art installation 3D


Lectores Atención:

El estimado doctor chiflado ha descubierto, gracias a nuestro querido Sparkys una sustancia que produce una cosa que se llama COLOR.

Todos los residentes están experimentando la alegría de esta nueva sustancia.

Para los más atrevidos lanzado un llamamiento a la participación.

 ☀❉✳✤✣✴❋✧❃ ☀❉✳✤✣✴❋✧❃ ☀❉✳✤✣✴❋✧❃ ☀❉✳✤✣✴❋✧❃


13 March to 30 May

Art installation 3D 


Attention readers:

The esteemed Doctor Nutty has discovered, thanks to our dear Sparkys a substance that produces a thing that's called COLOR.

All residents are experiencing the joy of this new substance.

For the more daring launched a call for participation.

martes, 3 de marzo de 2015

sábado, 17 de enero de 2015

Patrick Moya @ Metales ..O ..

*Moya's Memory*

"La memoria de Moya"

Artista de nacionalidad francesa, reconocida en la vida real, que nos muestra algunos de sus trabajos en los mundos virtuales, Second Life.

Moya comparte con nosotros el mundo de su imaginación, creación de entorno de diseño a su nombre.
Y nos invita a sus creaciones RL


Sábado 17 enero-28 febrero

Hora francesa 22H.
1: 00h SL Tiempo

No te lo pierdas!

Artist of French nationality, known in real life, showing us some of his work in virtual worlds, Second Life.

Moya shares with us the world of his imagination, design creation environment to its name
He invites us to his creations RL


Saturday 17 January

French time 22H.
1: 00h SL Time

  Closing February 28

And his characters take us back to childhood wrapped in subtle pastel color.

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