Rebeca Bashly

Rebeca Bashly

viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2011

Arctica Dreams

Arctica Dreams @ MetaLES ..O..



16/12/2011 <--> 16/01/2012

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Opening Party
ⅅⅉ ɱØЯԼίṮλ Q℧λη
Classical Session
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One ice world of sensations, which Rebeca Bashly
takes us once again.

Light merges with the transparency and shine that reflect us magnificent compositions .

Come to freeze the moment forever in your memory
Note Important: use the light of the Sim Midnight, because is good for your eyes

Flirck Rebeca Bashly

Last Exhibits

UTSA - Snowcrash- ice Sculptures

LEA 6 -Inferno

Nordan Art Museum - ice Gallery

Diabolus Gallery -Art & and Poetry

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jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011

Enjoy Life... This is not a Rehearsal


Shellina Winkler
Opening Time :  2.11 pm SLT
11.11 pm (23.11) Eu Time
Party Dj Morlita Quan

Enjoy Life... This is not a Rehearsal

Shellina Winkler Italy 
in this per4mance enjoy this transparency, colors, and a path that takes us on a journey of life ... tunnels through subtle forms that evoke the interior passages of our senses.

Shellina Winkler nati in Italia
Per4mance godere di questa trasparenza, i colori, e un percorso che ci porta in un viaggio di vita ... tunnel attraverso forme sottili che evocano i passaggi interni dei nostri sensi

Shellina Winkler de nacionalidad italiana , en este  per4mance nos hace  disfrutar de las transparencias, colores, y un camino que nos lleva por un recorrido de la vida... pasando por tuneles de sutiles formas que nos evocan pasajes del interior de nuestros sentidos.

Installations exhibited in the last year:      

"Through The Virtual Looking Glass" SL /RL Event  2010 MUSEAVV, Nice

DRINKLINK -SL/RL event Serata 2lifecast a Milano e in World  Nov. 2010

"KeyHole" @ The Knot for the Project : 2Lei “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women” 

"Dreams" @ Nicolas Schöffer’s tower as part of the Imagine Festival: @Diabolus - Carp

"Fragments of a Mirror" -  SnowCrash Exhibit at UTSA as part of the Imagine Festival : @UTSA

"Rolling Stars" Light and Gravity — A Virtual Reality Art Exhibition & Live Presentation @Caerleon Isle

"All Rules Disrupted.... The Chess Revolution" @Nordan Art

sábado, 8 de octubre de 2011

Aerie By Cherry Manga

Cherry Manga de Nacionalidad Francesa, artista consolidada en SL
LLega con la Muestra Aerie

La describo como una artista que desprende una gran sensibilidad y elegancia, tiene un sentido fresco y a la vez oscuro, la melancolia de sus obras nos trasladan a una atmosfera agradable de paz, utiliza colores pálidos que nos hacen sentir nostalgia, sus esculturas encierran muchos misterios. esta exposición me hace sentir que en la soledad, podemos estar con nosotros mismos.

Cherry Manga, French, artist consolidated SL
Display comes with Aerie

Defined it as an artist who shows great sensitivity and elegance, has a cool sense, yet dark, the melancholy of his works take us to a pleasant atmosphere of peace, use pale colors that make us feel nostalgic, sculptures contain many mysteries . this show makes me feel that in solitude, we can be ourselves.

Her exhibition will be on the  8/octubre/2011 al 7/Noviembre/2011
Su muestra estará del  8/octubre/2011 al 7/Noviembre/2011

Recientes Exposiciones

Recent exhibitions made: 2011 July: Nordan Art Gallery
                   Ice Caverns Gallery, installation with Ub Yifu

Machinima By jjccccc

Aerie By Cherry Manga

Machinima By spiral Silverstar

sábado, 10 de septiembre de 2011

Maya Paris- Crash Bang Trollop

Maya Paris UK, established artists in SL, surprises us with a highly interactive 3D installation , funny and artistic: Crash Bang Trollop, where you'll have to travel around the SIM trying to get all the Ninja Zap Suit created for this installation, you can click in all you see, that certain something to happen, try it...!!!
Finish 7 /october /2011