Rebeca Bashly

Rebeca Bashly

viernes, 20 de enero de 2012

Not Everything Is Plain Black & White By Fuschia Nightfire

Not Everything Is Plain Black & White
Fuschia Nightfire

20/01/2012 1 PM SLT

Dj Eifachfilm Vacirca

Fuschia Nightfire British nationality

Versatile artist, she works with multiple techniques, per4mance us this black, white and gray, an immersion into a wonderful world where you think that aesthetic is not all white or black, but there grayscale ...

She is MachinimaMaker Too

Name of the exhibition: 'Not Everything Is Plain Black & White'
A series of installations all in B&W and shades of grey, giving a surreal, dreamlike quality.

duration of the exhibition 20/01/2012--20/02/2012

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