Rebeca Bashly

Rebeca Bashly

sábado, 19 de diciembre de 2015

Scene IV - The Death

"The future dawns, the loneliness will be difficult for us"



Sim Windlight  is recommended

Opening 18-12.2015
2:00 PM SLT

+ DJ Morlita Quan


Scenes I - II- III- IV

Scenes was based in a contemporary theatrical point of view.

In spite of the absence of words, it was used the symbolism of Tarot cards as a language, insomuch as each of them it represents according the position the events,

like a base code to decipher the emotion, action or the scene event itself.


The person connoisseur of Tarot cards, or the person that have sought for the sense of the characters or objects that appear in each scene,

will have a conclusion of the history that we wanted depict.

The person unfamiliar with Tarot cards, and its symbolism, could imagine events based in visualization ,

and so, all will depends, as we allready said, in the individaul perception.


The secuence of the scenes its also a riddle.

Perhaps as observer, you wanted to read the history in this text, but the history it's allrready related.


Just one thing, remember, in all the scenes, she always was...alone...


Scene I - The time

1 Nov- 14 Nov

 "I do not look, do not find you, that we would have mattered while ago..."

 Scene II- Decisions

 14 Nov - 28 Nov

"The crow pointed  the way, but the fortune get me away.."

 Scene III- The fear

 28 Nov. to 17 Dec.

 " The exeption, that does not negate the rule,  but  it do subtract herself"


Scene IV - The Death

"The future dawns, the loneliness will be difficult for us"

Historys and amazing post

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